Why You Should Start Playing Team Sports in 2019

Being part of a sports team can help to improve both physical and mental health, whilst also allowing time for socialising and enjoyment. Despite this, there are still certain misconceptions that put people off getting involved. However, there has potentially never been a better time to start participating in team sports, so let’s find out why.

Some may think of being picked last in school or testosterone-filled changing rooms when they think of team sports, however this perception is now very different. Participating in team sport is now hugely rewarding in terms of physical and mental health, not to mention the fact that it is hugely enjoyable. But what are the other reasons as to why people should play team sports?



Employers often look favourably upon candidates who are involved in sport in some way, with team sports especially playing a significant role when it comes to improving motivation, communication and determination, amongst other things. Sport also helps with confidence, as well as the ability to act under pressure, traits that will help you become more successful in the workplace.



Meanwhile, away from the potential professional benefits, there are also a wide variety of personal advantages that can be gained through playing a team sport. Sport allows people to switch off from the pressures of everyday life, with nothing else being of importance when the whistle is blown or you step onto the field. As well as this, due to the fact that there are likely to be people with the same interests and lifestyle on the team, you will be in a strong position to form friendships, some of which will potentially last for a lifetime.



For those who stick to individual workouts in the gym or fail to make time for physical activity because of other commitments, team sport provides a rare opportunity for winning. Whilst this is not important at youth level, for adults, it is nice to come out on top now and again. Whether this simply makes your day or transforms your year, a level of pride that is not easily replicated in adult life.



Team sports are also an excellent option for those who regularly skip sessions due to a lack of motivation, with doing so meaning that you are letting others down, as well as yourself. So, no matter what level you have played at in the past or whether you are complete beginner, you will certainly find a team to suit your needs and wants. The enjoyment of achieving something is enhanced when others are involved too, with now being the time to jump on the bandwagon.


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