What It Takes to be a Modern-Day Sports Coach

Whilst the remit for coaches in the past was to simply win, those involved in educating within sport now have a range of other responsibilities. This is especially true when children are involved, with modern-day coaches having to ensure that they deliver in all areas.

Expectations are high for sports coaches today, with many having to also act as some form of psychologist, influencer and even guardian. Coaches are influential figures for many in today’s environment, with such individuals having to deal with a great deal both on and off the pitch. So, just what are the attributes in which modern-day coaches must possess in order to succeed.





Coaches must understand that everyone is different when it comes to the development of skills, meaning that a vast amount of patience if required. Coaches must come up with a method of training and teaching that caters for all players, which can be tricky, especially when in charge of a kid’s sports team. Those in charge can give themselves a helping hand by utilising all available resources to them, including volunteers, parents and fellow members of staff.



Off-Field Duties


Both time management and delegation are also of key importance for coaches today, due to the increasing number of off-field responsibilities in which they must address. While this may come as a surprise to more old-school coaches, rolling with the times is crucial, meaning that they must deal with discussing personal issues, motivating or offering advice on health and lifestyle.





Players always require someone to look up to, with coaches being the prime candidate in this area. As a result, coaches must motivate players to try and perform to the best of their ability at all times, as well as ensuring that they also work on delivering when it comes to tactics, work-rate and sportsmanship.



Problem Solving


Whether it be a strategic issue on the pitch or an organisation factor that must be overcome, coaches must also be problem solvers. Improving the fortunes of the team, helping an individual return to top form or determining how to combat a skilful opponent, problem solving is key for any coach.





Coaches will generally be the main port of call when it comes to organising everything from transport, logistics and communication, meaning that they must be figure out the best way to act in the most efficient manner. Spond has been proven to save individuals at least two hours per week when it comes to communicating with teammates, with our app being both easy to use and effective.


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