8 December, 2022

Spond Club Gathers Everything You Need in One Place

Spond Club is fully integrated with the Spond app. This means that the information your members update in their app, is the information you see as a club administrator.

In a survey conducted by Spond in Norway, 35% of Norwegian club leaders responded that they find it challenging to keep track of registered and unregistered members due to cumbersome and confusing systems. Spond Club solves these challenges with its groundbreaking, intuitive and comprehensive membership system.

The member you as a club administrator see in the Spond Club membership system is the same as a coach sees in the Spond app. The individual user is the one updating the membership register – without even thinking about it! As a member makes changes to his or her profile, the information is updated on all levels of the club or organization, automatically. Neither the member, management nor instructor needs to think about anything – the membership register will always be up to date. 

With an updated membership register, you can easily reach out to your members with Spond’s communication tools. Yngve Christensen, communications manager in Tromøy School Band, loves Spond’s communication tools, “Spond Club is the world’s best tool for me as the communications manager in the school band! I have no idea what I would do without it.”