How to Rediscover Your Motivation at the Start of the New Year

For many, the festive period if a time to indulge and spend time with family. However, just how do you pick up where you left off? Whether you are a coach looking to motivate your team or an individual hoping to rediscover their drive to reach personal goals, we have the answers right here.

It is certainly to lose motivation at the start of the new year, no matter how well the past 12 months have panned out. However, with motivation forming the basis for everything that we plan to achieve in life, including sport, it is important to quickly rediscover your enthusiasm in order to meet your objectives. Whether it is waking up early to hit the gym before work or coming up with new strategies for your team to overcome a rival, the effort you put in is likely to determine exactly what you get out.


The following three factors are worth considering when planning your goals and objectives for the year ahead, which can should be both realistic and manageable.


  • Identify your competition – While this is more suited to individuals and teams playing competitive sport, it certainly also applies to individuals too. Look at what your rivals are doing, whether it be their style of training, teamwork or fitness, as this will allow you to work out the ways in which you can potentially outdo them.
  • Ask yourself what you can do to become a better athlete. As well as this, at the end of the day or week, ask yourself did you carry out the necessary tasks in order to deliver on this. This is an excellent method of ensuring that motivation levels remain high, which can be related on both an individual and team level.
  • Whether you are a coach looking to improve results after a disappointing 2018 or a footballer looking to rediscover their best form, motivation must come from within. As a result, it is crucial to think about the reasons as to why you do what you do, whether it be the satisfaction of seeing improvements in children or the enjoyment of competing as an individual in your preferred sport.


Those who are able to quickly rediscover their motivation, or even better if you never lost it in the first place, are likely to achieve the best results, with commitment to every aspect of training and competitive matches being improved. Of course, there are likely to be times as to when you do not feel like heading to a cold and muddy field to train or when eating an unhealthy meal is just too good to resist, however make sure that this does not stand in the way of achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

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