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How to Locate New Players & Help Your Club Grow

Recruiting new players can often be a headache no matter what the sport is, with coaches regularly finding it difficult to find individuals who are committed. So, with many already looking towards next season, just what steps can be taken to ensure that your club grows in this area?

Ask Current Players

Regardless of the age group and standard of play, current players are likely to know of a range of potential players looking to either try something new or return to action. As a result, coaches are encouraged to ask their players to talk to friends, with clubs generally always looking for new faces. Whether it be to make up the numbers in training sessions or your team is struggling to find a regular goalkeeper, this method of recruitment is perhaps the most effective. Attracting new players also means that they are more likely to fit in with the culture of the team, as well as integrating quicker.


Arrange an Olub Day

Open days are also effective in terms of recruitment, with potential players being able to gain a better understanding as to what their new surroundings would potentially be like and whether they would be a good fit. Such occasions also allow potential new players can meet both coaches and players, as well as take part in a training session. This is a more informal method of recruitment, something that is likely to attract a large number of candidates.



A more traditional method of recruitment comes in the form of advertising in the local media, including newspapers, shops and Facebook groups. Such platforms will generally be keen to support the local community, whilst also helping clubs to reach out to a large number of people in the process. Advertising in this manner is also generally relatively inexpensive.


Why Should Players Join Our Club?

Meanwhile, when looking for new players, it is important to understand just why individuals may wish to join your club. Players are likely to be considering a number of options in terms of where they will participate, so be sure to showcase exactly what it is that your club has to offer. In total, the following factors must be taken into consideration:


  • Level of play
  • Age groups
  • Fees
  • History/Achievements
  • Facilities
  • Current players


Player Recruitment Tactics

For those looking to maximise their options when it comes to recruiting new players, there are some additional factors that must be considered in terms of strategy. With people often being overwhelmed when it comes to the amount of adverts in which they receive, meaning that clubs and coaches must be persistent and patient. All in all, be sure to take into consideration the following points before starting any form of recruitment drive:


Timing – With people constantly being bombarded with information and adverts from a range of sources, it is important to schedule adverts surrounding recruitment cleverly, especially when operating online. Evenings and weekends are likely to be better times to post, with more exposure being achieved at such times.


Differentiate – There is nothing more boring than constantly receiving the same message over and over again, meaning that adverts must be written in a different way each time. While the message will be the same, with clubs targeting potential new players, be sure to target specific individuals in terms of how adverts are created.

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