29 September, 2022

Collect Subs Easily and Efficiently Using Spond Club

Collecting membership fees has always been time-consuming and tedious. Spond Club is here to help. Collecting membership fees has never been easier!

Organized sports often struggle financially, and are largely run by volunteers. In a survey conducted by Spond, a significant number of coaches responded that they feared chasing parents and players over non-payment of subs. Nearly 250,000 said they have considered quitting because of this. This is why Spond has developed an intuitive and efficient payment system that allows clubs and organizations to easily collect membership fees and other dues. Coaches no longer need to chase up parents and players – they can simply send a reminder through the Spond app.

For several years, Spond has helped teams and groups collect payments through the Spond app. Now, we are taking it to the next level with Spond Club. We want to help administrators of clubs and organizations tackle the eternal struggle of collecting subs efficiently and easily.

With Spond Club, you can easily send out customizable payment requests to an entire club or organization at the same time. Members are automatically notified through the Spond app, or by email for those who do not yet have the Spond app.

Spond already has more than 700,000 active monthly users, and our payment platform is a well established and trustworthy solution. Spond ensures that payment requests reach members in a quick, efficient and safe way.

Bogafjell IL is an early adopter of Spond Club, and were quick to utilize Spond’s payment solutions. Kjell Inge Oftedal, who is an administrator in Bogafjell IL, says: “When we sent out our first payment requests via Spond Club, we were surprised by how quickly we received the money. The members also experienced this as a very flexible solution.”

Kjell Inge Oftedal is pleased with Spond Club’s payment solution.