8 December, 2022

Automatically Updated Membership Registers

Spond Club ensures simple, efficient and automatically updated membership registers.

Many clubs and organizations struggle with keeping their membership registers updated. In a survey conducted by Spond in Norway, nearly half of Norwegian club leaders responded that this creates challenges in their daily operations. Bad routines and cumbersome systems were largely to blame.

Spond Club addresses this issue head-on. With Spond Club, you will always have up-to-date membership registers. Spond Club is based on the app solution which has over 700,000 active monthly users. As your members make changes to their profiles in the Spond app, this information is automatically updated in your membership register. This way, neither the managers nor the instructors need to constantly keep one another updated about the slightest changes in the membership register – everything happens automatically.

The perks of having an updated membership register are obvious and plentiful. With automatically updated contact information, for example, you always know that your messages will reach your intended recipient.

The feedback from clubs has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Erik Flesjå-Johansen, leader of Finnøy Sports Association summed up the membership system this way: “We have never had such good control and overview of our members as we do now.”