Why Involvement in Team Sports Can Help You to Live Longer

There are regularly theories introduced as to just how people can increase their longevity, whether it be diet, rest or workload. However, recent research has shown the participating in team sports can add years to your life, adding yet another positive to this form of exercise.

A new study has suggested that the key to longevity is involvement in team sports, with its social advantages having a significant impact on overall health. While eating healthily and keeping fit in general have long been known to improve longevity, the study, carried out by Copenhagen City Heart in Denmark, found that team sports are more conducive to a longer life.


With many finding information and advice surrounding diets confusing and overwhelming, those who involve themselves in sports including football, tennis and rugby are giving themselves a better chance of living longer, ahead of disciplines such as cycling, running or weight training.


It is the understanding that social relationships are among the most important when it comes to living a long and happy life, with those who enjoy being active being urged to do so with others when possible. With over 8,500 adults being studied as part of the research, the study looked into white individuals, who had a history of either heart disease, strokes or cancer.


While the findings may be a little limited as a result of this relatively small demographic, the results were still very interesting. Participants completed questionnaires surrounding health and lifestyle, with many of the questions revolving around the type and amount of exercise in which they completed.


The responses from participants were then used to find links with longevity, along with education, drinking and background, among other things. However, one thing that was clear from the study was that those who regularly participated in team sports were generally happier and healthier, two factors that contribute to living to old age.