How to Prepare Your Team for a Successful Season

The new Premier League season kicks off this weekend, with professional clubs up and down the country having been stepping up preparations over recent weeks in order to give themselves the best possible chance of making a good start, as well as ultimately having a successful campaign overall. But just how can coaches at a more recreational level ensure that their team is ready by the time the new season rolls around?

For most coaches, their responsibilities do not extend all year-round. However, those looking to be successful will undoubtedly need to put in some work when it comes to both off-season and pre-season preparations. Doing so will provide the team with the best possible chance of achieving their objectives, with setting goals being the first step.


Set Goals


Setting goals is one of the most important steps in developing a successful team, with those who fail to do so likely to have trouble when it comes to identifying where they wish to go. Coaches must identify both personal objectives and team goals, which can come in the form of the following:


Coaching Goals

  • Improve communication
  • Introduce a new philosophy
  • Interact more with parents
  • Give all players game time


Team Goals

  • Win a certain number of games
  • Score more goals than last season
  • Achieve promotion


Goals should be available for everyone to see throughout the season, whilst players may have their own individual objectives too.


Develop Training Sessions


Training is the time in which teams develop skills and improve upon strategies, with practices ideally being scripted in order to ensure that players stay engaged and motivated. Training sessions should replicate in-game situations in the most part, with the best teams mixing up their routines in order to overcome tedium. Meanwhile, it is important that players are also in the required physical shape, which means that they must carry out enough training, whilst not overdoing things, as this can often lead to injuries or fatigue.


Take Stock


Coaches are generally the people who are in charge of ensuring that the right equipment and gear is in place before both training sessions and matches, meaning that it is important to take stock before the beginning of the season. Take the budget into consideration beforehand, before ordering any missing goods, whether it be kit, balls or cones. Whilst having the most and best equipment around does not guarantee success, it will help along the way.


Plan the Season Ahead


Coaches should look at the schedule of their team, before planning out as many details as possible. As well as this, coaches should look to build upon what has been achieved previously, potentially tailoring preparations for specific opponents or situations. Doing so will give teams the best possible chance of being successful!