How Spond Can Help Coaches, Parents & Players Throughout the Week

With coaches, parents and players spending unnecessary amounts of time sending text messages, emails and making phone calls during the week, Spond is a platform that helps those involved in organised sport become far more efficient. So, just how can the app help you?

Research suggests that Spond has can help sports coaches save at least two hours per week when compared to other platforms, which is hugely important in a world in which they are regularly overworked and under-appreciated. It is estimated that around 70% of coaches within the industry spend more than two hours each week when it comes to organisation and admin, while a staggering 25% spend over seven hours!


As such, the ease of use and efficiency of Spond allows coaches to spend more time in what they enjoy doing, developing talent and enhancing engagement. Whether it be regarding availability of players for an upcoming fixture of the collection of match fees, Spond makes the work of a coach far easier and significantly less stressful in the process.


Meanwhile, the life of a parent today an also be hugely overwhelming, meaning that phone calls from coaches week-in-week-out are often seen as time consuming and unnecessary. For those who do not wish to feel like your kids personal assistant anymore, Spond has all of the features required in order to stay on top of things on just one platform.


There is no need to scroll through 100+ unread messages in the group chat or potentially miss an important e-mail surrounding an upcoming tournament, with Spond offering an excellent alternative.


Spond is not simply for coaches and parents however, with even those involved in a sports team themselves being able to take advantage. No matter what the sport is, match times, dates and venues are constantly changing, meaning that keeping up to date becomes a necessity. Spond ensures that there is no need for players to miss out on doing what they enjoy due to an administrative error or individual misjudgement, with a player’s involvement being confirmed at just the tap of the screen.


You should by now have a clear understanding of just why Spond has become one of the most downloaded sports app today, with the following features helping to attract users on a regular basis:


·         Invite members to practices, games or other team activities

Customise events to suit your needs, with full control over members you want to participate, and which members have yet to reply to invitations.


·         Share information, files, photos and polls

Share experiences from your sporting season, summaries, photos, questions and be able to see who has viewed the shared content.


·         Send private messages or create group conversations

You can communicate individually, with selected parents, with the whole group or with everyone that is attending a specific event.


·         Spond is a multi-platform service

Optimised and user-friendly for mobile, tablets and the web.


The fact that users can utilise such features free of charge makes Spond all the more appealing, with the app also allowing those involved to see who else is participating, RSVP via text message or e-mail and even for coaches to copy and paste their schedule for everyone to see.


Spond is also the most versatile platform of its kind available to those involved in team sports, allowing coaches, parents and players to do the following on top of what has already been discussed:


Games, tournaments or meetings

You can easily invite members to games, tournaments, practice or other types of events. This can be done within the application or on the web.


Recurring events designed for practices

Repeat event invites for recurring events, for example on a weekly basis. The administrator chooses how many days in advance the invitation will be sent out. The administrator can set the members up for automatic attendance, and each member will then be responsible to unsubscribe from this feature if they like.


Schedule the season

You can upload all future game schedules by copy and pasting it from Excel. Spond will finish the work for you and send out invitations closer to the event.


Guardian replies on behalf of children

The event organiser, however, will only see the child that will be participating as the guardians are linked to their Spond. Guardians can reply on behalf of several children within the same group, and you can add several guardians if needed.


Send a friendly reminder

You can easily send out a friendly reminder to members that have yet not replied. They will then receive a new push notification, SMS or email reminding them about the event.


Invite other players if needed

You can easily invite members from other subgroups or your own contact list if your team is short on players.


Plenty of export opportunities

It is easy to export attendance statistics for your groups, or a participant list from events.