How Parents Can Help their Child Decide Which Sport to Play

Those who are parents will understand the large number of decisions that have to be made surrounding your child, with which sport they play being another one to add to the list.

While some youngsters will throw themselves in to a sport and immediately find it both enjoyable and rewarding, others will find the process a little trickier. So, just what should you do when your child comes to you and asks for advice about which sport they should take up? In order to give an answer, patience and research are required, with the following factors having to be taken into consideration too.


What are they good at?

While youngsters are more than capable at developing new skills quickly, it is still worth taking into account the strengths in which they already have, whether it be hand-eye coordination, physical prowess or excellent concentration. Looking into this will enable parents and children to determine which type of sport will suit them best, whether it be on the court, field or track. Speed and agility are other attributes that should be analysed.


What are they not so good at?

It is also important to look at any potential weaknesses too, as throwing them into a sport that they are not suited to can lead to problems down the line. Whether it be surrounding stamina, a lack of speed or physicality, be sure that your child has at least some of the attributes needed in order to enjoy a particular discipline.


What are their interests?

While sport is often a tool used in order to take youngsters out of their comfort zones, it is still important that they hold an interest in participating in a potential sport. Many parents push their children into sports because of what they enjoy, which can often be inappropriate.


What are their personality traits?

Some children will be better suited to team sports than others, with individual sports such as tennis, running or golf often being more appealing to youngsters because of their mentality and personality. However, for those who demonstrate leadership traits from a young age, they are likely to excel in a team environment. Team sports can also help those who struggle when it comes to being shy or insecure.